It all started when…

The story of our farm begins some 20,000 years ago when the last glaciers retreated from Connecticut leaving our rich alluvial Hadley and Occum fine sand loams, some of the finest soils in the world.

The Tunxis people farmed all up and down these soils along the river for which they were named (Tunxis Sepus = Bend in the Little River). In Post-Colonial times the farm was owned first by Colonel Ichabod Norton and then Colonel Noadiah Hooker who both represented Farmington in the Revolutionary War. In 1820 the farm was owned by the Tillotson Family who were respected dairy farmers and whose family farmed here for 100 years.


In the 1920’s the farm was purchased by architect Theodate Pope Riddle. She named the farm “Sub-Edge” and used the farm to educate the students of her school, Avon Old Farms, about agriculture.


During World War II the farm became part of the Old Farms Convalescent Hospital. Blinded veterans lived on the farm and were trained to adjust to living without sight and were taught new skills like bookbinding, woodworking and farming.

Sub Edge Today

Today our family farm grows 10 acres of vegetables, fruits, flowers and culinary herbs. We offer a 100 share CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program, have a seasonal farm shop and do wholesale to local restaurants and schools. We humanely raise heritage breed pigs, pasture raised broilers, layer hens and 100% grass-fed beef.

We grow crops that are certified organic by NOFA-NY Certified Organic, LLC

Isabelle and Rodger

Isabelle and Rodger

About the Farmers

For nine years we trained on and managed a number of small farms before landing at Sub Edge. We are proud to live and farm in Avon and Farmington and be caretakers of these important soils. With our four children our family life is centered around the farm and around the seasons. We bring our passion for good clean food to our growing and are committed to sustainable and organic farming practices. It is our pleasure to share the bounty with you and your family!