Celery has been cultivated for 3,000 years and was first grown in Mediterranean countries. Today it is the second most popular salad crop in the US. Celery takes a long time to grow. Seedlings planted in the beginning of June are not ready to harvest until October! The celery at Sub Edge is thinner than supermarket celery with a decidedly more intense flavor.

Preparation: Celery is easy to prepare. Both the leaves and the stalks are edible. Break off the stalks  and wash them thoroughly. Cut off and discard the very bottom of the stalk. Stalks can easily be cut up into sticks and make a great raw snack. To cook the leaves, wash them and chop them finely and add them to soups, sautees or any dish with greens. To cook the stalks, cut them into pieces and add to stir fries, meat or vegetable dishes, casseroles and soups. When celery is cooked its flavor becomes more mild. If celery becomes limp you can revive it by immersing it in ice water for 10 minutes. Then, eat raw or cook them.