Cabbage is the oldest and most widely grown member of the brassica family. Other members of this family inculde kale, broccoli and turnips. It is a cool-season crop and is harvested at Sub Edge in Spring and Fall.

Storage: Store cabbage is a refrigerator drawer. Head cabbage will last many weeks, just remove the outer leaves.

Preparation: Cabbages differ in color and shape but they can all be prepared similarly. To prepare wash the outside and remove any damaged leaves. Cabbage can be eaten raw and when shredded, it makes a colorful addition to a salad. Cabbage can be cooked in a variety of ways - boiled, steamed, braised, baked, sauteed, pickled or stuffed! A basic way to cook is to shred and fry in a pan with butter and salt. Cabbage can also be fermented onto sauerkraut. Pickling in salt water kills harmful bacteria and allows good bacteria to grow.