OKRA originated in the 12th century B.C. in Egypt and eventually spread through North Africa to the Mediterranean. Okra likes warm climates and is grown very successfully in the Southern United States. At Sub Edge okra matures in the heat of the summer. Look for okra in July, August, and September. Gumbo, a thick tomato-based stew made with okra, is- eaten in many parts of the world

Preparation: Wash okra well and trim stems. Cook whole or cut into smaller pieces. 0 Cooked okra produces a gummy texture that is useful for thickening gumbos or stews and binding vegetable juices into a sauce. Some people dislike okra’s “slimy” texture, but there are many ways to reduce this quality and still enjoy this delicious vegetable. 0 To reduce the gummy texture of okra, try cooking it whole and either steaming or grilling it. Steam 4-6 minutes and serve with butter and lemon. Prepare okra for grilling by brushing with olive oil and sprinkling with salt. Grill on both sides until lightly marked and serve with lemon. t Frying is another popular way to prepare okra. Dip sliced okra in egg, then flour, or toss in cornmeal. Fry 34 minutes until golden brown.